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We have several options for memberships that will help you meet your health goals. Scroll down to see what we have to offer.

Classes and Personal Training

Let us help you reach your goals. We give access to both personal trainers and classes. Classes can be purchased and book on the MINDBODY app.


We sell MADE IN CANADA Supplements, MADE IN CANADA clothing, Easton Ball Equipment, Zeiva, and more! Come check out our pro shop to see what we have to offer.


6 month/1 yr/2 yr = 40% off classes and
10% off clothing & supplements

1 month/3 month = 15% off classes

Let’s kick it into gear! 💥 Our summer outdoor Bootcamp is back on and we want to help you #kickthecovid Put on my Danielle Smith, you will be challenged and motivated to reach new fitness/health goals. Surround yourself with a group of like minded people, feed off the energy and gain the social health of training with others! Space limited due to class size restrictions. So get in before it’s too late. Bring along a friend or family and kick it together! Contact us to register or visit our website

Athletes prepare to bring your game to the next level. “NSF Athletes” is our newest programming and it comes with one of the finest coaches in the area. We are proud to have the multi national level champion, Keenan Carrier, be the head coach and trainer for “NSF Athletes.” Join him in his 8 week summer NSF Athletes Camp where he will help you build the athletic body and performance that sets you apart from others. This training will adapt to any sport and carry into life’s everyday challenges.
The camp will run for 8 weeks. Mon. & Wed. at 6:30pm-7:45pm, June 22nd to Aug 12th. It will also have an outdoor focus, rain or shine! 💪🏽 We are calling athletes from all over the North East to be a part of this exciting, new and elite training opportunity. Surround yourself amongst the best in the area to push your limits!

Ages 12 and up. $262+gst. With current NSF gym members saving 15% or 40% if you’re a premium NSF gym member! Camp includes MADE IN CANADA T-Shirt 🇨🇦 Contact us for more information



Even though the Transformation Challenge started two months ago, the real transformation for me started in March when my husband and I made the decision together to start eating right and exercising regularly. Together we started Weight Watchers to get our eating under control and then we joined NSF. We chose NSF because the staff is great and we wanted to support the gym. They have been extremely supportive and encouraging since the beginning of our journey. We joined this Transformation Challenge mostly as a personal challenge to see how much we could accomplish in the time frame provided. We didn’t work out more during the time because life just got in the way, between our work schedules, spending time with family, football (we are Rider season ticket holders) and then we acted in the Sylvania Dinner Theatre. When we did workout, we made the best of our time at the gym and I even slaughtered some goals during that time. When we started our journey in March it was my goal to lose 50 lbs and on October 27th, I hit my goal. My next goals are all about increasing my strength and fitness. I mostly ran my first 5K on the treadmill and I am working on being able to run the entire time. One of my strength goals is to be able to do an unassisted chin up and I’m always looking to increase the amount that I can lift. I’ve also got a flexibility goal in that I would like to be able to do the splits.

It's been a crazy journey for me, but I am so glad to have my husband and my NSF family for support and encouragement. I can’t believe that I’m 41 years old and in the best shape of my life and I’m only getting better.

                                                                                                                                                Charlotte Curtis


The start of my journey towards being fit, was not about a fad weight loss program, or a diet or a celebrity workout plan. It started with an attempt. With a trial period. My wife and I joined weight watchers, on a small promotional three-month plan, and with it, we also decided to try 3 months at the Northern Fitness Gym. It turns out, both were exactly what we needed.

We’ve tried eating properly before, but with no plan and no guidance, it never stuck, and soon enough, we were back to nightly potato chips and trips for ice cream treats. We’ve also been to other gyms. But they didn’t feel right, filling up with folks that had no interest in being sociable, or groups of people that took over half the gym and left little room for others. But weight watchers let us pick what we wanted to eat and guided us on how to make those choices healthier. Or it offered alternatives we could use to stay full but eat better doing it. It also allowed me to chance to start cooking again, mixing fresh foods into what had become a frozen meal diet.

At the gym we often saw familiar faces, in a building that never felt crowded. We always felt welcomed there, not only by the other patrons, but always by Brandon. Some days I swear, it was knowing Brandon would be there to greet us and how good it would feel to see him excited to have us back, that motivated us to go.

That combination, of proper eating and consistent exercise, along with the encouragement we got from Brandon and our daily WW app check ins, kept us on the road, that has lead to almost 100lbs combined pounds lost. The before and after pictures we have, are all the motivation I need to keep going.                                                                                                Troy Curtis


Tired of going to the city for equipment? Want some local selection when it comes to quality equipment? We have your back! Come by and browse our catalog, we will be putting in an order soon! If you want anything special ordered in let us know.
Baseball, Fastball and Slowpitch! Come and get it!

Thanks for shopping local!
Premium Members Save 10%

Premium Members Save 10%

What else we provide?

Key Card Access

All members can get into our gym as early as 4:00am and stay to as late as 12:00am! We will not be closed on weekends or holidays. Now you can reach your fitness goals during times that work best for you.

Friendly Atmosphere

We strive to keep the atmosphere one that all members can enjoy. We have Canadian made products and hope that the Canadian hospitality spreads throughout our gym and community.

Change Rooms and Shower Room

We have both female and male change rooms. We also have a shower room for when you really work up a sweat and need to get fresh fast.

Canadian Atmosphere

We strive to have a welcoming, fun, and encouraging atmosphere! Come experience what it is like to be part of our #NorthFitFam

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"The atmosphere is always so energetic and friendly that I look forward to every visit."


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We’re here to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Our gym has  a range of equipment that is suited for all fitness levels. We focus on a Canadian theme, meaning we support Canadian companies and strive to keep a friendly Canadian atmosphere.